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You are about to make the biggest connection of your life and it will seem like it’s always been there waiting for you to reach out and grab hold. Just give your self the permission to harness your wisdom today.

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Your psychic insight and intuition is available for you to access right now!


There is a shift happening on the planet and you are being activated to share your wisdom, knowledge and gifts in a visible and profound way. You will need your intuition and a deep connection to your spirit to fearlessly express this new authentic voice to the world.

Your psychic insight and intuition is available for you to access right now!

Learn how to open up to your magical spiritual higher self with Kristen White's training program, 'Intuition Ignition.'

Intuition Ignition is a simple seven step system to show you how to easily plug into the multi-dimensional frequencies of the Universe and illuminate all aspects of your life. Leave your blocks, fears, doubts and confusion behind.


Now is the time to step into you full power and brilliance as the spirit led person you were born to express.

  • Develop a permanent connection to your higher wisdom
  • Be a creative innovator like Steve Jobs who credited his intuition for his brilliant inventions
  • Connect with the people who place you in the flow of success
  • Expand your vision for your business and your life’s work
  • Easily receive messages about the direction of your life from unlimited channels
  • Meet your Spirit Guides and Angels
  • Connect to Loved Ones who have Departed the planet
  • Find a center of unwavering inner peace regardless of external circumstances
  • Create daily practices that deepen your enlightenment every day
  • Become the bigger, fearless, bold expression of yourself
  • Serve others with your Wisdom and Insight
  • Be a channel of light and unconditional love
  • Share your healing messages as an author, speaker, coach, or transformational entrepreneur
  • Easily recognize your type of Intuition and powerfully own it
  • Learn how the Spirit World and the Natural World communicate so you can easily receive messages an confirmation for your burning questions

"Going to see Kristen and having her do a reading on me completely changed my point of view. From that point on my life has not been the same."

- Heather Corcoran, Fashion Designer


If you are a person who knows there is more to life than what is currently visible to your naked eye, who is looking to connect to your life calling, express your authentic voice, release negative patterns and blocks and connect to the flow of the Universe as a thought leader and transformational force on this planet then you’re in the right place. There is a shift happening on the planet and you are being activated to share your wisdom, knowledge and gifts in a visible and profound way. You will need your intuition and a deep connection to your spirit to fearlessly express this new authentic voice to the world. Your psychic insight and intuition is available for you to access right now!

  • Do you know your intuition is ready to open up, yet you’re not sure how to harness your natural gifts?
  • Is there a feeling inside of you that there is a volcano of creative ideas and innovations and everyday you don’t share it with the world the pressure builds within you to the point of deep pain?
  • Can you see a transformation happening in your life that is beyond your rational explanation?
  • Are you called to be a thought leader on the planet, yet your form of creative expression has yet to surface and be expressed?
  • Is your history full of family messages and old beliefs that being a psychic is bad, evil or unacceptable by mainstream society?

“I was referred to Kristen by others who had already seen her. I had a curiosity about an issue or two in my life and wanted other input and perspective. After my visits, I felt clearer, more purposeful and have some new ideas and perspective. Kristen is warm, accessible, willing to respond to the flow of the session and she has a sense of humor, which always helps.”

- Judy


Everything is energy. Our bodies are surrounded by a magnetic field of energy.

What we focus on, we attract to ourselves. Energy healing, especially Reiki, is a form of healing that has its own divine wisdom connected to life force energy. It travels through the body, mind, and spirit and corrects any situation.Restoring the disharmony to proper balance. Energy healing can work in one session or over a period of months, even longer. It depends on the depth of the original wound or illness. Energy healing is relaxing, non-invasive and powerful. It can be performed in person or at a distance.


Intuitive Business and Life Coach Kristen is a crystal clear intuitive channel who will explore your past lives and connect with your guides, angels and departed loved ones as part of her Intuitive Life Coaching Practice. Kristen White is a member of the International Coach Federation and a certified Life and Business Coach. She also works directly with entrepreneurs and business owners to explored and deepen their connection to their inner guidance to increase profits and grow their business.


Over the last year Kristen, and her team at White Media Agency, have delivered again and again during the development, branding, marketing and launch of our new online Rise Professional Recovery Coach Program.

When I met Kristen at a conference for authors, I was intrigued and even refreshed by her ideas and perspective on my work. I knew Kristen was the person to help me reposition our organization for growth. I am delighted to share that she has done so much more! She has brought bright ideas, workable strategies, a creative team, and solid know-how to my organization at each stage of our build out. But of greater value is Kristen's love of life and genuine care for people that energizes her professional expertise and has multiplied our joy and enthusiasm for learning/teaching, making changes and embracing true success.

Jean LaCour

I've built up a fairly successful coaching practice over the last 2 years and felt ready to take the next step and up level my business and offerings. I then found Kristen White.

My VIP day with Kristen was amazing. In such a short space of time she got straight to the point with what was holding me back and gave me some powerful strategies for increasing my income while adding massive value to my clients. (I'm already seeing a big difference after a week!).

Kristen mixes strong intuitive abilities with savvy business strategies to help you achieve your breakthrough FAST. If you want to make a leap, Kristen is you're coach! Ryan James Lock, business success coach, writer and entrepreneur.

Ryan Lock

I work hard to make the best decisions I can. This usually works. However, sometimes an outside opinion on specific paths is very helpful. Kristen White is my go-to person for those moments. Her intuitiveness has proven spot-on throughout the years I have worked with her. She never fails to point me in the right direction or figure out how to handle a specific situation. I can't say enough good things about her. This service is invaluable and worth every penny.

Joyce Bone

“I am forever grateful for Kristen’s guidance and encouragement!”

- Heather

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

- Steve Jobs


A daily spiritual practice is the key to greater balance, more joy and infinite peace in your life. The results are amazing. This is not about a certain religion. Traditions and rituals from all beliefs are an important part of the process. But it goes even deeper than the motions we go through, it is our direct intention to recognize our connection to our infinite God-self that transforms our daily experience.

Meditation, affirmations, visualizations and prayer, from many cultures, are all part of the spiritual mixture needed to create a magical life right NOW!

“Connecting to our intuition unites us with both our soul and the soul of the Universe, Divine Spirit.”

- Sonia Choquette


What is the difference between a psychic, a medium and a channel?

A psychic uses their intuitive connections to retrieve information about events in your life. These connections can include sound, smell, seeing images and simply knowing or having and awareness of a scenario or an event.

A medium has a connection to departed loved ones and is able to convey information about the individual who has passed and can covey messages and love and healing.

A channel connects directly with guides, angels and non-physical beings to give us messages about spirituality. life purpose, guidance and deep insight.

How do I Clear Negative Energy?

We all have accumulated negative thoughts, ideas and beliefs in our lives that can keep us stuck in the same circumstances. Sometime we even feel that we are attracting the exact situation over and over again, but with different people. Or perhaps we work in a place where the energy feels heavy and depressing or we have conflict with family members and friends. All of these circumstances fall in the category of negative energy. The best way to clear negative energy is to ask you guides and angels to help you cleanse your space. Please visit my blog for a detailed description.

What can I expect from a reading?

In a session with Kristen, she is an open channel intuitive. This means she is able to look at your past lives, connect to departed loved ones, meet your guides and angels and look at possibilities in your life path. It is best to come to a session with an open mind and trust that the correct information for you will come through. There is always time at the end to ask your questions. Readings are generally 6, 12 or 18 months. Readings are accurate, but they are delivered in a metaphorical framework. The spirit world speaks in symbols. So there is an interpretation of the symbols that are shown. It is best to take notes because some things are made clear later on, even if they do not make sense at the time of the reading. Its is advised to be quite before the reading and see what comes through first and then asks your questions. This way your session will be the most complete.

Kristen is also a trained Karuna Reiki Master and Tibetan Energy Practitioner, it is her intention with every session that she gives you a complete and continuous energy healing that will allow you to shift and transform any areas of your life that may be trapped in old patterns.

Where does guidance come from?

Kristen is trained in Angel Therapy from Doreen Virtue and Sixth Sensory Practitioner from Sonia Choquette and Advanced Mediumship from John Holland. However, true guidance is simply the ability to deeply listen. Kristen is a listener working together with Divine Guidance to reveal your highest opportunities.

Describe the different tools used in an intuitive reading?

Tarot Cards, Pendulum, Crystals

In some readings there are tools used such as cards, pendulums and Crystals. The cards are hundreds of years old and portray symbols and signs for guidance. The crystal will help support and heal a situations and the pendulum reads energy in a situation. Kristen has these tools available. They are not used in every reading but are on hand if you would like them as part of your session.