As a business coach, Kristen believes all entrepreneurs can easily access their intuition with a daily practice and and use empower themselves to achieve their business goals. In addition to Intuition Ignition, Kristen White is the founder of a media marketing agency located in St. Louis, Missouri called the White Media Agency that specializes in business coaching and marketing strategy. She is a Karuna Usui Reiki Master, a medium of the Casa of John of God, an Angel Therapy Practitioner, certified by Doreen Virtue and a Tibetan Energy Healer.

Kristen is a former network television journalist and is now the host The Ripple Effect, airing to over 20 million US homes, as well as her own radio show on Vivid Life Radio, www.vividliferadio.com. She is the author of two books, Mystic in a Minivan and Voice: How to Share Your Message, Your Products and Your Business with the World! Kristen also contributes regularly to the personal development magazine Best You, based out of the UK.

“My reading with Kristen helped me find peace after 2.5 years of grieving a personal loss. Not only that, but the insights she shared with me all came true. It was the first time I had ever done a reading and I was amazed with her accuracy. More importantly, I felt safe with Kristen. She is a kind and loving person. I highly recommend all her services.”

- Joyce B.


  • Karuna Reiki Master/ Instructor ▪ Advanced Mediumship training with John Holland
  • Level 3 of Family Constellations the work of Bert Hellinger
  • Daughter/Medium of the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola, “John of God”
  • Sixth Sensory Practitioner: Certified by Sonia Choquette
  • Angel Therapy Practitioner, ATP: Certified by Doreen Virtue
  • Tsi Dup Yang Bod: Tibetan Energy Healing of the Bon tradition attuned by Chongtul Rinpoche
  • Lightarian AngelLinks
  • Shaman
  • IAWBC, International Association of Women in Business Coaching Member
  • ICF, International Coach Federation Member
  • National Speakers Association Member

In 2005, I had what I call a whole life meltdown followed by a complete resurrection. I woke up one day and realized my life was riddled with drama, and on a soul level I was completely disconnected from my true nature. When I looked in the mirror, I was unrecognizable to myself. My business was failing, I was in a dispute with a business partner, I had gained a lot of
weight, my child had a severe injury and my marriage was falling apart. It was a perfect storm.

Right about this time, a friend mailed me a book about the Law of Attraction. The concept was not new to me. Years prior, as a member of a Unity Church in Phoenix, Arizona I was familiar with the idea. Often the messages we need to remember collide with us at the right time, even decades later.

This book sparked a flame inside me to begin an intense spiritual discipline of prayer and meditation. My connection to God had always been an important part of my daily awareness, even though I did not find myself seated in the pew every Sunday. I discovered it’s simpler and more direct to have a conversation between myself and the Divine. Over the course of a year, I lost 50 pounds, wrote a book and all of my intuitive channels opened up.

I accomplished more in that year of stillness than I had in a lifetime of business.

Originally, I used my newly excavated intuition to provide guidance to friends and family. Word spread quickly and soon I was serving hundreds of clients. I gave them messages about past lives, communicated with departed loved ones and passed on the many spiritual insights that flowed through me during each session. I believe we are all profoundly intuitive and can easily learn how to harness our psychic gifts.

However, I began to realize that while a reading can be transformative, it can also be disempowering. People have a tendency to wait and see if a “prediction” will come to pass and it actually stops the flow of their lives. That is when I developed my signature program, Spirituality Bootcamp. My intention is to give people the tools to open their own intuitive channels. It’s my belief that its available to all of us once we seek this connection.

My shift came with the realization that it’s my passion to empower people to connect to the highest potential they have within them. Many teachers, mentors and coaches supported me along the way and this recognition within myself led me to the path of becoming a certified Life and Business Coach. My coaching practice integrates parts of my Spirituality Bootcamp™ with real life strategies and action steps for personal and business breakthroughs. As a successful entrepreneur, I recognized the power of this type of alignment.

The path of our lives is not direct, Things often fall apart before they come together. As a newly single mother of three children, author, and spirit-led entrepreneur, I moved from bankruptcy to building a multi-six figure business in 18 months. Losing almost everything is an experience in freedom and humility.

I have risen out of the ashes of my life to build a life of passion, purpose and prosperity, both professionally and personally. This is a journey I now support and guide hundreds of clients on: How to create new beginnings in life and business using your intuition and your authentic voice.

In Shamanic practice, it is said we dream our life into being.
It is my heartfelt honor to hold you in a space where your dreams become your magical, joyful reality.

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