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Intuitive Business and Life Coach Kristen is a crystal clear intuitive channel who will explore your past lives and connect with your guides, angels and departed loved ones as part of her Intuitive Life Coaching Practice. Kristen White is a member of the International Coach Federation and a certified Life and Business Coach. She also works directly with entrepreneurs and business owners to explored and deepen their connection to their inner guidance to increase profits and grow their business.

“Going to see Kristen and having her do a reading on me completely changed my point of view. From that point on my life has not been the same.”

Heather Corcoran

“I was referred to Kristen by others who had already seen her. I had a curiosity about an issue or two in my life and wanted other input and perspective. After my visits, I felt clearer, more purposeful and have some new ideas and perspective. Kristen is warm, accessible, willing to respond to the flow of the session and she has a sense of humor, which always helps.”


“My reading with Kristen helped me find peace after 2.5 years of grieving a personal loss. Not only that, but the insights she shared with me all came true. It was the first time I had ever done a reading and I was amazed with her accuracy. More importantly, I felt safe with Kristen. She is a kind and loving person. I highly recommend all her services.”

Joyce B.

“I am forever grateful for Kristen’s guidance and encouragement!”


"Kristen, not sure if you remember me but my name is Dawn Kennedy and you did a reading for me last Spring when my husband had committed suicide. You said, "you need to go to a spa, like the red door, yes I see you in Tucson definitely Tucson". At the time I thought that would be nice but I really was trying to pay off my car and credit card. You also told me to stay away from men through December- that that was when I would meet the real deal. You said you saw me surrounded by evil men- like they were swirling all around me.

So of course I did not listen and spent the last 6 months getting my heart broken and ego bruised on the online dating sites. I will tell you some of these men are very manipulative and downright hurtful. I ended all my subscriptions this weekend after another disastrous date. I have decided to listen to you and take a break from dating through December.

But that is not the freaky part. Twice a year I go to a conference- this December it was to have been in Fort Meyers, Florida, due to some unforeseen circumstances the meeting was moved to , you guessed it, Tucson! Wait for it - it gets better. I got the hotel information last week its at the Westin La Paloma. I thought maybe I should listen to Kristen and book a few days at the Red Door while I am in Tucson- I went online to look for the Red Door Spa in Tucson and guess where it is- at the Westin La Paloma!

No wait it gets a little better- you said you saw me with a man who had something to do with cars but you just could not pin down what it was, but that if I met him to not be fooled and your exact words were "run". So the man who broke my heart was the CEO of the teamsters (drivers), the man who "borrowed" $1100 and disappeared worked for the petroleum industry (gas) one of the worst dates I ever had was a VP at Continental Tire (tires!) and the man who was looking to see if I would be willing to part with some of my portfolio to prop up his business due to a divorce settlement owned- you guessed it! - an AUTO PARTS STORE. So maybe that is why it wasn't clear what (he) had to do with cars! There was more than one. So after all of this I decided I should heed your advice and focus on being single for awhile."

Dawn Kennedy