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Hop In The Minivan For A Rocky, Laugh-Filled Romp On The Road To Enlightenment, Joy And Spiritual Rebirth … Right In The Suburbs

If you too fell in love with Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love … then your next irresistible journey awaits you within the pages of Kristen White’s #1 International bestselling book  Mystic In A Minivan!
Meet the Author,
Kristen White!

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Feeling “lost in the diaper bag”…

Rummaging around and around until you finally realize it’s NOT the rash cream you’re really searching for – it’s your identity, the real you that you’ve lost.

If you’re not at that point yet, perhaps you spend your days “confused in the carpool line” … or maybe an “empty nest” has left you with an empty self?

For many women, it starts soon after getting married, or when the children come along … and before long, that original “you” is not quite as clearly defined.

Chances are you never even notice it happening. You just wake up one day, wondering…

“Where am I … WHO am I?”

…and realize you can no longer recall what exactly you loved doing as a little girl, what you dreamt of becoming when you grew up … or any of the things that made you giggle with your friends until your stomach hurt.

Enter Jenna Sinclair…

…in her own words, “south of forty, north of skinny” and “addicted to drama, gossip and complaining”.

In Mystic In A Minivan, from author Kristen White, Jenna is sitting on top of the world … or so she thinks:

A business of her own…

A happy marriage…

And her children are attending “the” posh school in town.

But just how well-crafted IS this world of hers?

Jenna’s about to discover that, when you’re living in a house of cards, it doesn’t take much of an ill wind to bring it crashing down around your ears.

The fabric of Jenna’s idealistic world slowly begins unraveling – first one small thread, then another … picking up speed as the entire weave lets go, until there is nothing left but the single thread she’s hanging from.

And although she’s given the chance to rebuild her life … she’ll have to die first, to do it.

It’s hard to believe you’re not reading a memoir…

Like Jenna, author Kristen White was once on the top of the world: A successful business owner living an idyllic dream life of luxury with her three beautiful children, and husband of 15 years.

Then the economy shifted, the foundations of her business cracked, and her “perfect world” collapsed. Bankruptcy … foreclosure … cars repossessed, medical insurance canceled, divorce, no child support, food stamps…

Yet in the midst of this slide to ruin, Kristen found the strength to begin meditating … every day.

She took ownership of her thoughts, letting go of those no longer serving her highest good … realizing finally that release of the old is necessary, to make room for the new.

And she discovered prayer.

Not for herself, but in service to others. Because the great power of prayer lies not in calling upon God to help ourselves … but to help others.

Over the next year, Kristen lost 50 pounds, her intuitive channels began bursting open … and even as the rest of her life was disintegrating, she began feeling lighter, more joyful, and hopeful … closer to her True Self.

And she wrote this book. Kristen’s overriding message throughout Mystic In A Minivan is…

“You don’t have to go anywhere to take the journey of a lifetime
– the road to Joy lies within you.”

With the help of the ‘angels’ in her life, Jenna is guided into exploring her deeper purpose on an intimate, personal, and painful level … and, finally, awakening to her own intuition discovers an inner guiding light she had previously never known.

“A thoroughly entertaining and inspiring read for those of us who can’t simply ‘quit our jobs’ and run off to the great spiritual and mystic centers of the far-east, as a handful of ‘lucky ones’ have done.”

Like most of us, Jenna has to “find herself” while rooting around in the laundry room, backyard, and garage!

And in the process she discovers, as we all can:

What a truly spiritual life is … and more importantly what it isn’t

The meaning of true, loving, and lasting friendship

How easily we can invite – and receive – more joy into our lives

The little-known secret of how the simple act of gratitude can create greater abundance in your life

How easily we can invite – and receive – more joy into our lives

The wonders we can achieve in Life, with a simple (though sometimes painful) shift in our beliefs and values

How to be “comfortable in your own skin” by accepting your true nature, and working with it, instead of always against it

…and the life-expanding power of simply being still … being silent … and being in the Present.

So come on and pile into the minivan with Jenna as she hits the road on an uplifting and hilarious journey from materialism to enlightenment … an odyssey of self-discovery and “accidental spiritual growth” as she careens through Life in her search for an end to the daily doldrums.

Rave Reviews for Kristen White’s Mystic In A Minivan

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Get on board the hilarious road to enlightenment with Mystic In A Minivan, Kristen White’s brilliant ‘out of the doldrums of meaninglessness, into the joy of Spirit’ story. Yes, it really can happen … even in the Suburbs!”

– Sonya Choquette, NY Times Best-Selling Author of The Answer Is Simple

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Have you ever felt you’ve lost sight of your true self? Are you defined by what’s for dinner and what your kids expect from you? Then Mystic In A Minivan is for YOU! Follow Jenna as she navigates suburban life and eventually finds herself in the process.”

– Denise Linn, Best-Selling Author of Soul Coaching

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“…brilliantly written, richly spiritual in scope, and inspiringly uplifting for anyone who has ever felt that overwhelming need for change in their life.”

– Peggy McColl

Meet Your Spiritual Guide, Kristen White

Kristen White is an award-winning business and life coach who specializes in the areas of personal and spiritual growth. Kristen’s intuitive abilities appeared in her late thirties when she started a daily practice of meditation and prayer. She believes everyone has intuitive skills and that these abilities are dormant until one is able to recognize the language of their soul.

Kristen teaches individuals how to ignite their intuition and receive messages from the Divine. She also works with individuals privately and in small groups through her popular ecourses and weekend workshops. Kristen hosts a radio/podcast on VividLife.me where she explores the many dimensions of spiritual insight and how to master them.

Kristen works with her husband, John Schwab. They are the Mystic in the Minivan and the Suburban Shaman. They live in the Southwest with four children, three dogs, and four cats. However, they no longer drive a minivan.