Sacred Voice Writer's Retreat

Ignite Your Intuition and Multiply your Creative Output x100
to Dial-in your Transformational Message for the World

A Total Full-Life Transformation in a Weekend Writer’s Retreat.

It’s time to activate your intuition to create the vision you’ve held for a long time.

Virtual Writers Retreats


Energy Healing and Energized Sacred Space


Completed Book, Script or Talk

Write a bestselling book…Create a TV or movie script…Craft a TED Talk…Finish your thesis…or Build the online business that offers you the freedom you dream about in a spiritually-empowered weekend writer’s retreat.

You want to create something substantial that makes an impact. It could be one of these things… a published book, a television series, a screenplay, a TED talk or a new online business.

These are all the types of Divinely Inspired ideas that have the power to transform your life. It’s the flash of brilliance that comes to you - that has the power to bring YOU more Fame, more Money and more Freedom.

You feel it when the idea comes in. It’s a divine gift to change everything in your life for the better.  

It’s palpable. It’s so real.

You can almost see the new life waiting for you once you finish it. Once you finally, get your work out in the world.

Make your Voice heard.

Yet, bottom line, all these big, bold, Creative Projects need fuel to move forward. Having the wonderful idea alone is not enough.

You may even notice that when you get an inspired idea, but you wait to act on it, suddenly someone else comes out with the same Idea and its super successful. That’s because these “ideas” come from the Collective Consciousness. So, they are also available for others to act upon and turn them into a wildly profitable and inspired message, brand and platform

You can have a beautiful idea or a powerful vision, but without the fuel to move your project ahead, it’s like a sleek Ferrari, in the garage, without any gas.

Intuition is this powerful fuel. It’s the Divine Wisdom that can suddenly download and offer a flash of unique inspiration. That million dollar message in the form of a book, a talk, a business  or a script.

Your intuition needs certain conditions to be present to thrive. Specifically, calm, centered, open space in your inner mind.

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of people a year on their creative inspirations (books, scripts, TV shows and business ideas) and what I have noticed is two things that “get in the way” of these visionary ideas becoming a manifested reality. 1) You’re too busy, and easily distracted, to take the time to focus on your project and allow your intuition to flow to  get it completed, and 2) Your internal voice says all kinds of negative things to you that interfere with your confidence and your ability to hear your intuitive guidance, so you can know what to do (or write) to complete your vision.

We’ve created a magical solution for you.

A high-vibration creativity incubator to support you in writing your book, television script, screenplay, speech, website, e-course or blogs

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Sacred Voice Writer’s Retreats
6 times a year on Zoom

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Last Date in 2020:

December 4-6

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Kristen White is a Content Catalyst and Powerful Interviewer. She can quickly add the crisp clarity, magic dust and unique brand elements to any message, book, product or campaign. Through her award-winning interview skills, Kristen will excavate and synthesize a personal story and legacy into a magnetic brand and content strategy. Her strong intuitive insight, journalistic training and versatile wordsmithing, offer clients a wellspring of fingerprint language options to apply to all levels of their written, spoken and video communication.

Kristen is a bestselling author, award-winning documentary film director and cast member, television series creator/writer, and television on-camera journalist. As the CEO of KWVM Agency, a digital media and marketing company, Kristen supports clients with unique personal brand development, speech writing and performance, book concepts, titles, outlines and marketing, and online business consulting.

Rock the Stage, INC, offers professional video production for authors, speakers and coaches with a variety of speaking topics. The company also offers speechwriting, broadcast quality lifestyle video interviews and fast-track book publishing via an on camera- interview.

She is the author of a #1 bestselling book on Amazon; Voice: How to get Share Your Message, Your Products and Your Business with the World. Kristen also brings more than a decade of experience as a television journalist and anchor to her television shows, Let’s Start a Ripple and Mandala.


John Whitehorse is a shaman trained by the Four Winds Society and initiated in Peru by indigenous Shamans of the Q'eros. John has been initiated with many powerful rites including the Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki through energetic transmission. These ancient rites were received directly from the shamans in Peru, which initiated him to become a person of wisdom and power who lives free of fear and abides in his eternal nature. John also received the Rites of the Ayni Carpi, which symbolize coming into the right relationship with the universe, and the Pampamesayok Rites, which are the Earth Keeper Rites that make you a steward for the earth as well as for the ebb and flow of the seasons, death and life. John works with individuals and small groups in private sessions, workshops and retreats. As a guide, John takes intimate groups of individuals looking for a deeper connection to their soul and a spiritual experience on a trek of their lifetime.

His private sessions are used to: reduce stress and anxiety, break negative patterns, activate happiness and joy, increase your sense of well-being, help you manage life transitions such as divorce, death of a loved one, health issues, and unexpected events such as accidents and emotional conflict. Symptoms including depression, insomnia, panic, repetitive thoughts, emotional highs and lows, and fatigue can be relieved or eliminated with a series of shamanic healing sessions.


“Going to see Kristen and having her do a reading on me completely changed my point of view. From that point on my life has not been the same.”

Heather Corcoran

“I was referred to Kristen by others who had already seen her. I had a curiosity about an issue or two in my life and wanted other input and perspective. After my visits, I felt clearer, more purposeful and have some new ideas and perspective. Kristen is warm, accessible, willing to respond to the flow of the session and she has a sense of humor, which always helps.”


“My reading with Kristen helped me find peace after 2.5 years of grieving a personal loss. Not only that, but the insights she shared with me all came true. It was the first time I had ever done a reading and I was amazed with her accuracy. More importantly, I felt safe with Kristen. She is a kind and loving person. I highly recommend all her services.”

Joyce B.

“I am forever grateful for Kristen’s guidance and encouragement!”